Transportation Volunteer


Estimated Weekly Hours:

Varies; as available

Age Requirement:


What we are looking for

  • Experience with dogs; accurate communication on comfort level with dogs of differing behavioral levels
  • Reliable vehicle
  • Enthusiasm for volunteering with a team that shares the same mission to help pups in need

What you can expect to do:

We always need help with transportation, for a variety of reasons. We often need help transporting dogs to and from adoption events, as well as to and from medical appointments. We sometimes need help with picking dogs up from animal shelters, as well as with driving between fosters.

Expectations include:

  • Picking dogs up from current fosters and driving where needed
  • Dogs MUST be secured in vehicle at all times; we recommend double leashing and require it for fearful dogs, as well as recommending dogs be secured somewhere in the vehicle.
  • Dogs must wear AZ Husky Rescue tags and a collar at all times.
  • Any difficulties must be communicated promptly to our team.

We know that it’s impossible to commit to a certain amount of time or availability, but we are grateful for whatever help you can provide!

What you'll get!

  • The incredibly rewarding experience of seeing dogs go from homeless to their forever home
  • You’ll become part of an amazingly supportive community of husky lovers.
  • You will learn about internal rescue processes and non-profit operations.
  • We are a 501c3 and volunteer work with us eligible to be used for college and grad school admissions applications.
  • Exposure to lots of snuggles with adoptable pups!

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