Adoption Process

We have a consistent process that we follow to do our best to ensure that our placements are good for both our huskies and for our adopters!

Adjustment Period

Please remember that moving to a new home is a lot for a dog – some adjust more quickly than others. Almost all of our dogs were pulled from the euthanasia list in a shelter, either for medical needs or behavioral, though most for just being a husky. They will take some time to acclimate to your home and to be the best version of yourself.

We ask that you please be patient with them and supportive as they learn to love you too!

Please consider the following as your new dog adjusts to your home: 


Post-Adoption Support

Please email us at or text (602) 345-1688‬ if you need to reach us after placement.

Adoption Fees

Step 1

Fill Out Our Adoption Application

Yes, we know it’s long, and there are a lot of questions. We just want to make sure things work out! Bouncing between homes can be incredibly stressful for dogs. We ask all of these questions to make sure that we are matching you up with the right dog. 

We require our adoption application to be filled out before setting up meet and greets – though you can often meet our pups at one of our events!

Step 2

Virtual Home Visit

Our adoption coordinator will reach out to ask or answer any clarifying questions from your application. If everything looks good to move forward, we will set up a virtual home visit with one of our volunteers.

On this video call, you can expect to click on a Google Meet or Zoom link that we will send over on a calendar invite – in some circumstances if technology is an issue we can try to accommodate through FaceTime or similar. We will ask questions about your lifestyle, experience and what you are looking for in a pup, answer any questions and tell you more about the potential placement, and ask that you walk us through your home space, most importantly your outdoor area to show secure fencing and gates.

Step 3

Meet and Greet

Once you’ve completed the virtual home visit, if all parties want to move forward, we will set up an in-person meeting with the potential placement, you and your current pets / family members, and one of our representatives. This may take place at your home, or a neutral location in between that will be discussed in advance. 

Should all go well, you will generally have the option to bring the pup home with you at this time.

Step 4

Forever Home!

We check in with you to see how things are going and will offer any tips or guidance needed as your new dog adjusts. We are here to support you and we want to be sure that your placement is successful! 

After placement we will also send over an adoption contract to sign virtually and a link to pay your dog’s adoption fee. Once these have been completed, we will transfer the microchip and send over all medical records.