Owner Surrender

We are unable to accept owner surrenders, including strays.

We intake almost exclusively from euthanasia lists in our Arizona shelters.

Alternatives to surrender

Our rescue space for owner surrenders is very very very limited. Like, very limited. We take in a lot of dogs from the euthanasia list and always prioritize those who would otherwise be dead without us. Please keep this in mind when you are looking for a new home for your dog. Does your dog really need a rescue, or are you able to work out other placement or training?

Where did you get your dog?

Did you get your dog from a breeder?

If so, most reputable breeders will take the dog back and help find suitable new placement – you may have actually signed a contract requiring you to do so when you you adopted!

Did you get your dog from a rescue?

The majority of rescues require that adopters sign a contract stating they will return the dog to the rescue if you can no longer keep (we have a contract like this ourselves!) – please contact your original rescue if this is the case.

Losing your home?

Lost your home or temporarily displaced?

This is an awful reason to need help of course – and we want you to be able to keep your dog if at all possible! Please check out these resources to see if they can help:

New baby coming?


This is the number one reason people give up on pets, and it breaks our hearts! Dogs are family and they see you as their pack – regardless of the new living situation, they want to stay with you if they can! The Humane Society offers a whole resource page on finding new housing that will accept your pet 

Behavioral Issues?

We do understand some changes (like schedule change from 8hrs of work to 12hrs/day for example) can make it extremely difficult to keep an active breed like a husky entertained, and they may become destructive as a result. Outside of this, if you are working a normal amount of time and experiencing issues, there is a LOT you can try before surrender!

Checking for medical concerns with your vet to rule out common diseases can help find the cause of a problem – many medical issues can present themself as a pet acting out to get your attention.

If your dog is having other behavioral issues and you want some husky-savvy advice or trainer recommendations but do want to keep your dog if possible, please fill out our contact form.

Financial Concerns?

If you are having trouble affording your pet and pet care, please consider these resources:

Finding a new home for your dog

We understand that this can be a very difficult decision, and is hopefully not one that you take lightly! We prioritize owner surrenders for dogs that are:

  • In great medical need such that an owner cannot afford and the owner is willing to relinquish the dog to our organization for care and adoption
  • Dogs in a position of neglect
  • Dire circumstances like great illness or death in the family
  • Severe unexpected allergic reaction of family members like kids