About Us

A group of individuals with the same goals came together in 2018 to form AZ Husky Rescue – we are so proud of the community that has grown around our organization, and of all the huskies we have been able to save so far!

Alison Nicolosi

Co-Founder + Director

Alison's background is in web design and development, though rescue work has long since been her passion. She loves managing new intakes, particularly managing medical treatments and personally overseeing care of the most injured huskies we intake.

She is currently going back to school in hopes of completing a degree in veterinary medicine. Her long term goals include sustainable growth for the rescue and combating the pet overpopulation problem in Arizona.

Veronica Reece

Co-Founder + COO

Veronica's background is in business management at a corporate office. She is also a licensed pharmacy tech. Veronica is behind all of the daily operations of AZ Husky Rescue. Although she prefers to remain out of the spotlight, her efforts impact everything we do.

Veronica manages budgets and financials, medical record-keeping, adoption contracts, and foster medical coordination. She loves spreadsheets, and also has a soft spot for seizure huskies in need.

Danielle Morrison

Board Member, Adoption Coordinator

Danielle's background is in analytics. She has been with us since late 2020, and she has been instrumental in shaping our adoption process. She reviews all adoption applications, sets up virtual home visits with prospective adopters, and coordinates meet and greets. She has been our perfect husky to human matchmaker!

Danielle loves charts and metrics that provide invaluable insight to us. She has a soft spot for the shy, misunderstood pups.

Emi Litcof

Board Member, Behavioral Coordinator

Emi has fostered and volunteered with us for years, and has been an advocate for animal rescue for even longer. She grew up on the East Coast and loves driving her pack cross-country in the summer.

Emi specializes in evaluating e-listed shelter huskies, behavioral assessments, finding foster placements and working with fosters to nurture successful outcomes. She also loves working with shy dogs and helping them reach their full potential.

Alex Stanley

Board Member, Intake Coordinator

Alex joined us in 2023, moving to Arizona from Indiana where he had gained experience working with a husky rescue previously. We quickly realized his level of commitment - adding him to our board couldn't have been a more perfect fit! We appreciate Alex's attention to detail and willingness to step up where needed.

Alex has a soft spot for neglected medical needs huskies, which aligns so well with our goals of helping those that need it most.