We need some reliable volunteers to help us save more huskies!

We recognize that volunteering is just that – something you choose to do out of the goodness of your heart with great intentions! We also know everyone has a life. We will never treat you like this is a paid employment position or have unrealistic expectations, we are just looking for some friendly professional help so we can save even more huskies!


Email us with any questions at woo@azhuskyrescue.org. Thank you for helping to save lives!

Volunteer Form

We are actively looking for more volunteers to help us out as we try to grow more! This includes answering inquiries (on Facebook, Instagram and/or our email), transportation within the valley - to medical appointments, meet and greets, home visits (once experienced) and picking up surrendered dogs to bring to fosters - various admin-related tasks that we know could use a little more love, and potentially also to fill a few board positions we are creating soon!

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