4yo male Husky Mix

Atreyu has been with us for quite a while and is ready to find his perfect forever home. This guy is so special and it’s been a lot of work from both his initial foster and our amazing board and training partner Granite Mountain Dog Training. Atreyu and his initial fosters struggled through some stress as he adapted to life outside of the shelter, and unfortunately after several incidents we determined that a board and train program would be in his best interest to help him be his best self in the long run. He has absolutely thrived since going through his training, and his adopters should be committed to continuing to let him use all the skills he has learned.

Atreyu’s trainer’s assessment was that he would initially lash out when he was too stressed because he learned acting snarly would make the stress (or people pushing his boundaries) go away. He didn’t know how to act politely with humans, so he did what he would do to another dog. This was obviously not a healthy way for him to manage his stress, and we are so happy to report how far he has come and how much he is thriving today!

Even in her initial assessment, our trainer said that Atreyu was an oversized puppy that has never been shown boundaries or taught manners, and that he is not a problem dog with serious behavior issues.

He has since learned heel, place and down. He has been brought into stores and public settings where he has been taught manners meeting new people, waiting patiently, and even has done well off-leash. Even when he needs a correction, Atreyu doesn’t go into defense mode or hold a grudge. His trainer can correct him and instantly pet his head, face, chest for praise and he is perfectly fine. He is not an “opportunist” that will take any chance to snap. Atreyu is honest and really wants to be good.

Atreyu LOVES to cuddle. Just being held makes his day. He also loves to “supervise” on projects – he wants to be in the thick of it and be part of your family. He would be perfect for an active person with a sense of humor – his trainer has described him as the “class clown,” and says he is a total ham.

She also says he has become so easy to handle. He would be a dream for a calm, outdoor lover or even a retired couple. He is not very demanding regarding exercise. Even a person who works most of the day would be okay if the rest of the time is spent with Atreyu. He is not destructive, doesn’t howl, just LOVES to hang out with his person.

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Quick Facts:

  • Goofy, playful pup who wants to be in the thick of it
  • Great with other dogs and has learned so many manners in training
  • Knows heel, down, place and has had off-leash training
  • Loves to cuddle with his people!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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