4yo male Husky Mix

Atreyu has been with us for a whole year now! He is an incredibly goofy, fun-loving husky boy that just needs to find the right adopter that understands him and is willing to work with him and establish a bond and trust. Atreyu has absolutely won over the heart of one of our trainers. He completed a board and train program quite a while ago and, because he is such a character, the trainer has been fostering him ever since!

Atreyu was adopted for about 2 months during this time and unfortunately returned. He bonded with the husband / father of the household, who would take him on daily runs, but was not able to establish a trusting connection with the rest of the family and continued to try to see what he could get away with to a point where they just were not comfortable with him. As a result of this, we think a home with no kids would be best for Atreyu. His ideal home would have either one person who could be his best friend, or if there are multiple people, we recommend them being pretty dog savvy to know how to both work with him equally to form a relationship.

He has learned a lot in his time with his trainer, and his perfect adopter will continue to exercise all of this with him! Some dogs truly thrive on structure and routine, and Atreyu is definitely one of those dogs. He needs to know where he fits in with you, and although he will very much so playfully see how close he can get to pushing you, it is very much so done affectionately in play once he gets to know you and trusts.

In working with his trainer, Atreyu has learned heel, place and down. He has been brought into stores and public settings where he has been taught manners meeting new people, waiting patiently, and even does well off-leash. Even when he needs correction, Atreyu doesn’t go into defense mode or hold a grudge. His trainer can correct him and instantly pet his head, face, chest for praise and he is perfectly fine. He is not an “opportunist” that will take any chance to snap. Atreyu is honest and really wants to be good.

Atreyu LOVES to cuddle. Just being held makes his day. He also loves to “supervise” on projects – he wants to be in the thick of it and be part of your family. He would be perfect for an active person with a sense of humor – his trainer has described him as the “class clown,” and says he is a total ham.

Although Atreyu is not the most energetic, hyperactive husky in the world, he does have reasonable exercise needs as make sense for the breed – he would love a few walks or a run every day, or some solid socialization and playtime with other pups. He will get the zoomies and run around when he’s worked up and has to let it all out! He’s a very fun boy for a husky-loving home. Atreyu is not destructive, doesn’t howl, just LOVES to hang out with his person. He’s just waiting for the right fit to bring him home.

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Quick Facts:

  • Goofy, playful pup who wants to be in the thick of it
  • Great with other dogs and has learned so many manners in training
  • Knows heel, down, place and has had off-leash training
  • Loves to cuddle with his people!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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