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Female, Born 6/30/21, 9mos old

See Ziggy’s mother, adopted through our organization, here: https://azhuskyrescue.com/our-dogs/joplin/

Ziggy was originally adopted last autumn and unfortunately her original adopter is no longer able to keep her. She needs a new home to call her own, this time forever! Ziggy is currently just 9 months old and 50lbs – she will likely continue to grow and get a bit bigger as an adult. We did do a DNA test on her mother, and she was half Siberian Husky and half German Shepherd – her father is unknown. She is the only one out of the litter to get one blue eye!

This sweet girl is both kennel-trained and potty-trained (there is a dog door in her current home so she may have a learning curve in a home without one). According to her previous owner, she does well on a leash – not very common for the breed so fingers crossed that this continues! She is very sweet with humans, though initially can be cautious with strangers. Once she gets to know you, she will be your best friend. She loves children and other dogs. Because she has only ever been in a home with other dogs, we do believe her ideal home will have other dogs in it so that she can have some canine companionship.

Please fill out an application if you’d like to give this bit sweet puppy girl her perfect forever!


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Adoption fee is $400 – she has received all parvo/distemper, bordatella and rabies vaccinations, microchip and spay.


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