~8yr old male Siberian Husky mix

Zeus has spent a year in boarding now and is desperately looking for a new home. He is actually very mellow for a husky overall and doesn’t jump up on people when he first meets them or have crazy rambunctious tendencies. He is definitely more wary at first with new people, but the amazing staff at Heidi’s Village have been working with him on intros and he is improving! He loves treats and will both “sit” and “shake” (the latter VERY enthusiastically!) and will definitely warm up to you if you have some treats in your hand!

He walks well on his leash, LOVES tennis balls and will bounce one around and play with it by himself – though he’s happy to let you throw it for him as well.

Zeus does have some issues with resource guarding and will need a breed-experienced owner familiar with this type of behavior who is able to feed him separately. Once he gets to know you, he allows handling all over and shows no aggression – he just really wants his own person to take him home. A permanent boarding facility stay is no home for a husky!

Please let us know if you would like to meet him, and think you might be the right human to work with him!

Quick Facts:

  • Lower energy and more mellow
  • Takes some time to warm up but so loyal when he does
  • Needs a breed-experienced owner
  • Loves tennis balls!
  • Adoption Fee: $100

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