1yr old Male Husky Mix

Meet Windsor! Like many of our recent intakes, Windsor came to us from the county kill list. He was placed on that list for being too destructive when left alone; it is unknown if this is the result of separation anxiety. His foster has had success using a high-anxiety Impact crate, so an adopter will need to get or have a similar crate, continue crate training, dog-proof their house and work on leaving him out for short periods, or just be home most of the time. All that being said, this handsome man is truly a good boy! He is very loving and not aggressive at all.

Windsor settled in easily once he pulled from the stressful shelter environment. He initially showed some resource guarding of food displayed as possessive behavior over an area he had eaten in and where he thought there might still be food. However, that has improved with time and he ultimately adjusted well after the first week in his foster home. Other than the resource-guarding and some counter-surfing tendencies, Windsor is an easy, well behaved boy – just a typical high-energy husky. He loves to play with other dogs and has done well the large dog in his foster home. He has also played nicely with dogs small and large at the dog park. He also tends to be more submissive when playing!

Windsor’s foster family has been working on training with him and has seen a lot of progress. He is highly food-driven and so responds well to redirection with treats as well as verbal correction. He loves walks and can get over-excited when he sees another dog, but this has improved with continued training. He has gotten much more comfortable spending some quiet time in his crate and has not shown any destructive behavior since settling in. He has done well around older children and teenagers, and his foster reports that he isn’t bothered by loud noises.

Windsor is just another example of a sweet and loving dog who was failed by the shelter system. He is absolutely ready to thrive in a safe and patient home with a person or family to love on him. He would love an energetic doggy sibling to play with but could also do well as an only dog. Apply today to meet this talkative cutie!

Quick Facts:

  • Energetic, playful boy
  • Good with other dogs large and small at the dog park!
  • Has severe separation anxiety causing destruction; needs high-anxiety crate
  • Needs a husky-experienced adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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