4yr old male German Shepherd / Siberian Husky

We just welcome Tucker to rescue from the e-list at MCACC. He had such amazing notes with staff and volunteers, but hadn’t found the right home and sadly had been adopted and returned 3 times. Every time he got returned, his panic grew. We saw him one time right after being returned, and he was spinning in circles and jumping off the walls in both directions in his kennel in a total panic.

The main reason for Tucker’s returns were potty-training struggles – and we believe this was because he was adopted into apartments and may have lived primarily outside before this. It can take quite a while for dogs to adjust to apartment living, and he was not given any time to adapt. We have put him into a foster home in a house with a yard and will see how he does over time as he adjusts.

Tucker is great with other dogs and walks wonderfully on a leash. He can be fed in the same room with other dogs without issue and has shown no aggression. His notes from past adopters said he was good with cats, though we will have more updates from his fosters soon!

Quick Facts:

  • E-listed for kennel stress after being adopted and returned 3 times
  • Very sweet and calm in evaluations - great with people!
  • Good with other dogs of all sizes and cats.
  • Working on potty training and house manners - more updates from fosters to come!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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