2yo female husky mix

Shylo can’t wait for her forever home! She had a pretty sad, scary time before she came to us. We pulled Shylo from the e-list at the county shelter where she landed from being completely frozen with fear. She appeared to have had puppies 2-3mos prior, and was surrendered with another male dog who sadly does not appear to have made it out.

Since getting into a safe and loving home, she has really come out of her shell! She does great with the golden in her foster home and has been around cats, small dogs and kids with no issues.We even had her at an adoption event where she did well in the busy atmosphere. She was definitely more timid, but still not completely shut down or frozen now that she’s gotten attention and affection from humans and been treated as a family member.

Initially in her adjustment phase with a new larger dog in the new home, she has shown some uncertainty on pack order and had a few small tiffs, but there have not been any big fights and she definitely accepts direction and correction from her humans very readily, so hopefully with consistency and training any type of behavior like this, as rare as it is now, will dissipate completely.

She can get super playful with other dogs once she’s comfortable… she’ll come right over and bop them on the back with her paw to let them know that she wants their attention. It’s so cute to see her be happy and relaxed! She has also done great at the dog park.

Her owner surrender notes to county stated that she had been kept outdoors only, so she has had some potty-training adjustment issues that her fosters have been working through. She does much better with a doggie door, but we are getting there! She also did not spend any time in a crate growing up, so she could benefit from training here as well.

She does excellent on walks, and loves her humans so much that she has shown no runner / escapee tendencies. She seems to have more of a fear of being left behind than a desire to explore that is so typical in the breed. She loves water and often sits on the top step of the pool in her foster home just to hang out.

Shylo has come so far out of her shell since we got her out of the shelter, and she’s more than ready to find her perfect forever home – let us know if you want to meet her!

Quick Facts:

  • Good with adults and kids
  • Good with other dogs large and small
  • More timid and shy and takes time to warm up
  • Needs a patient, understanding adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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