~4yr old male Siberian Husky

Sherman is lucky to be here! When he was removed from the New Hope rescue portal, we thought he was killed at the shelter. 2 days later when we were at the shelter, we were shocked to see Sherman still sitting in his kennel smiling at us. He was still there, just sitting in his kennel. We had asked for a re-evaluation and an extension and were denied, but he was kept alive 2 more days without any of us being told. We got lucky and had a foster last minute agree to take him on temporarily just to get him out of there.  The “urgent behavior” that has sentenced Sherman to death AND deemed him rescue-only and unavailable to the public?

He wanted out. That’s it. He tried to jump towards the top of a play yard and looked towards the top of his kennel and wasn’t interested enough in his handlers. Those were literally the extent of his “urgent behavior” concerns. Thankfully now that he has settled in more with his temp foster, he has gotten more comfortable and hasn’t shown any signs of trying to escape or get out. His foster home has several other dogs and he has done great with them too, playing and likely enjoying the company.

We haven’t had time to give a full evaluation with notes just yet, but everything looks great for this guy so far. Sherman has shown no aggression and minimal behavioral issues. We will update his bio once we get to know him more!

Quick Facts:

  • Restless at first, but calm once adjusted
  • Has played well with other dogs in his foster home!
  • Sweet boy who has shown no major behavioral issues since getting out of the shelter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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