~2yo Male Siberian Husky

Meet Scotch! This playful young boy is another e-list pull from the Maricopa County shelter. While in the shelter, Scotch just showed typical husky behavior. Like many dogs we have taken in, he struggled in the shelter environment. Shelter staff are often times not equipped to handle certain breeds’ behavior, and in this case, we believe that Scotch’s puppy-like mouthiness was mistaken for aggression. We are so grateful for our fosters who stepped up to give this handsome blue-eyed boy a chance.

Since taking him in, Scotch’s foster has been raving about how perfect his (and how they’d keep him if they didn’t want to keep fostering other dogs). Although he was a bit high-strung and had to hear the word “no” a lot the first few days, he settled in quickly. He has started to become more independent after initially staying close to his foster. Scotch is a typical young husky – he’s high-energy and loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home. That being said, he has thrived on a routine. He respects the other dogs’ boundaries and takes cues from them well, playing and napping when they do. He also loves going to the dog park and has done well there with other larger dogs.

Scotch will need some basic training, especially when it comes to jumping on people on walking nicely on a leash. He has started learning some basic commands like “no” and “stay” and is very smart and eager to please. He figured out the doggy door within a day and has not had any accidents in the house. He responds well to verbal correction and a spray bottle. After a few minutes of whining his first night, he settled nicely in his kennel, and he can now be crated without any issues. He has also been left out with the other dogs while his foster works upstairs and has not shown any destructive tendencies.

Scotch is also a very sweet boy. He loves belly rubs and snuggling with his family. He has done well with older children and teenagers in his foster home. His puppy nipping has decreased significantly and he has shown no signs of aggression. In fact, he is very affectionate with both people and other dogs. According to his foster, he really just wants to play and be loved.

Scotch is everything you could ask for in a husky: smart, playful, and snuggly. He would make a great dog for just about any family, though a home with another playful dog would be ideal. He hasn’t been home alone for long stretches of time since his foster works from home, but he has done well when left unsupervised. He’s the sweetest, most eager pup who would love to make himself a part of your family. Fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in meeting this big fluffy love bug.

Quick Facts:

  • Eager to please!
  • Plays so great with the other dogs his size in his foster home
  • Potty-trained and doing well in a kennel so far
  • Gives kisses and such a sweet energetic boy!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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