5mo Male Siberian Husky

This adorable little guy had a really rough start to his life, but he is FINALLY all healed up and ready to find his forever family! Sancho was born in Nogales, Mexico. He was brought to a clinic by someone claiming to be his owner with both of his hind limbs broken, and unfortunately abandoned here when the clinic refused to treat him until payment was provided. Sancho stayed in a kennel with his legs broken for 10 days until someone from Tucson was visiting and heard he was stuck without treatment. She paid to have his worst leg fixed at this clinic in Mexico and brought him home to Tucson. She then reached out to PACC911, who reached out to us, and that’s how Sancho made his way here.

We didn’t get him until several weeks after his surgery – so all in all, it was close to a month after the initial legs had broken and healing was pretty far along. The alignment was not great, but after a specialist consultation, we were advised against any further corrective surgery at this time. There is a possibility of arthritis and knee issues in the future, and his adopter should be aware of this. The same specialist who saw him stated that they would be more than happy to consult on his case again, being familiar with his history – we have a full report available to his adopter as well.

On top of the above, Sancho had one other incident we have determined to have been a freak accident. The veterinarians who saw him think it’s most likely a result of chewing way too enthusiastically on a hard plastic toy, but Sancho managed to fracture a small bone in his skull shortly after his legs had healed. He had a small piece of bone that had fractured removed, and has healed up normally. As a result of this, he is kenneled at night and whenever anyone leaves the home, and he hasn’t been allowed any hard toys or bones while healing. He is almost off of this restriction now, though we still think he should be kenneled as he learns more house manners!

For his part, these days Sancho has no idea his legs were ever broken! Puppies sure are resilient like that. He is a happy-go-lucky boy who just LOVES to play. He thinks the other huskies in his foster home are the absolute best, and is a vocal, happy boy who wants to get the most out of life. He also loves humans! He is a sweet and energetic husky boy who is ready to live the rest of his life with no more surgeries and no more pain. This poor little guy has been through so, so much in his short life. Can you help us find his forever family?

Quick Facts:

  • Husky puppy from Nogales, Mexico
  • Surrendered to a vet clinic in Mexico with 2 broken legs and saved by a good samaritan
  • Has fully healed and is ready for his forever home!
  • Very resilient; loves to play and has no idea his legs were ever broken
  • Puppy adoption fee is $500, includes deworming, spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchip

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