~6yr old male Siberian Husky mix

Here is our shelter eval on Sake, more notes to updated as we learn more about him:

In his evaluation, Sake followed a dog along the fence that walked by calmly without barking or getting worked up and sniffed and wagged his tail, seemed like he wanted to interact and maybe play but was not overly hyper or excited.

Came right up to your hand and licked and nuzzled for attention, took treats very gently, if he accidentally got your finger looking for a treat he was extremely soft and backed off right away (hot dogs and fingers look alike). No jumping or excessive excitement or agitation.

Showed absolutely no aggressive behavior whatsoever – no lunging, no air snapping, did not act defensive when approached, did not tense up around people even – but he did show some fear-based behavior. He zig zagged on a leash and would pancake when he got too nervous, seems under-socialized, did great with myself, the staff member and foster all giving him space and moving slowly in a fenced area.

I didn’t see anything unpredictable and I don’t see any indication he would be a repeat bite dog given that the one incident at county was after he had been there for ~20 days in their tiny claustrophobic kennels and did not draw blood…. it wouldn’t surprised me if it was a mistake going for a hot dog honestly. The staff member agreed with me that he seemed totally fine. She also said staff only dogs like him only get out of their kennel once every 2-3 days with current capacity.

He peed for a solid 2mins straight in a thin stream, and is very very matted around his ears and I’m sure his entire undercoat is piled thick and uncomfortable. We need to do blood and urine testing, I wouldn’t be surprised if something is off, he’s definitely in a state of neglect.

Quick Facts:

  • Good with other dogs
  • Undersocialized, somewhat fearful, needs slow intros and patience
  • Needs work on a leash, may pancake in fear
  • Cats unknown
  • Med/High Energy

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