5yo Husky Mix

Sadie was at the county shelter for several months and did pretty well until she had just had enough – that environment can really do a number on this breed. She reached a point where she showed a lot of stress-induced barking, and was starting to jump up on the the walls of her kennel. As a result, she was put on the euthanasia list.  We were able to take her under our care and give her the chance to feel safe and decompress in a loving foster home, and we have really seen her shine as she has re-adjusted to life in a home.

Sadie has been loving all the attention she receives from her foster parents!  When she gets excited, they say she will gallop like a gazelle. She puts her ears back more submissively when interacting with them and seems to really know her place in the pack. She does well with the other 4 huskies in her foster home, though there have been some small tiffs – nothing major and all likely growing pains. She would do well in a home with dogs of her size who are both playful, recognize boundaries and are more submissive in nature. She can play a bit rough and also be vocal, though she accepts any correction easily. We are recommending a home with no small dogs or cats. Sadie would also be content as an only dog as she loves her humans so much!

Sadie is extremely intelligent and knows her commands – Sit, Leave It, Down, Easy, Fetch, Catch, Shake and Kennel (go to her crate). She looks forward to walks, though typical for the breed, she does pull on the leash. She also loves tennis balls! She is food-motivated, which is great for training, however we will recommend feeding separately as she has shown resource guarding as she adjusts to new surroundings – nothing major and it has dissipated in time with her fosters. Her fosters report that she also loves getting a bath and a nice gentle brushing (soft rubber no metal brushes) and cuddles!

Sadie is not only crate trained, but potty trained as well. She will let you know when it is time for a potty break outside and even asks to come back in when she is done. She will do extremely well with someone who doesn’t mind a shadow, as Sadie is a velcro dog.  We are uncertain how she reacts to children as we have not tested her yet, though older kids who are more dog-savvy would likely be ok.

Sadie has really improved tremendously in the time she has been in foster care. She would make a fantastic companion and shines with routine, consistency, time and patience. She is very observant, well mannered sweet pup with a beautiful heart and soul.   

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Quick Facts:

  • Such a sweet girl who loves her humans!
  • Plays well with other large dogs
  • Would prefer to be in a home with more submissive dogs
  • Cats and small children unknown
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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