14 week old female Husky/Malamute/Shepherd Mix

Meet Ruby! Ruby was found left behind a dumpster outside a Tucson Eegee’s along with her mom, Emmy, and sister, Opal. They were picked up by good Samaritans with 3 huskies of their own before being transferred to an AZHR foster.

Ruby is the more social and outgoing of the two puppies. Although she is a bit wary of new people, she warms up quickly if allowed to approach them at her own speed. She will run up to her foster family for pets and snuggles. She loves to give kisses and nibble on fingers (in a playful puppy sort of way).

As she has gotten more comfortable in her foster home, she has gotten to be more playful. She loves wrestling her sister and playing with toys and chews. Ruby is more curious than her sister and has enjoyed exploring the house and yard. Like any young puppy, she will play hard for a while and then nap like a champ. She has also started talking to her foster parents and seems like she will grow up to be a typical vocal husky.

Ruby has adjusted well to her foster siblings, a husky and a young GSD. She has started to initiate some rougher play. She will bark at them to communicate her boundaries, but she does not seem to have any aggressive tendencies. She plays well with her family and would enjoy being in a home with other dogs to play with. She’s already showing her vocal husky side – she loves to talk to her foster siblings and parents through barking or the cutest little howls and grumbles. She has not been evaluated with children or smaller animals. Older children who know how to behave around a timid puppy would likely be okay.

Ruby has not had any formal training, although her foster family is introducing her to some basic commands. She does not know how to walk on a leash, but she is young and could learn easily. She was not socialized and needs understanding as she is introduced to new situations. She is not housetrained, though her foster family is working on it. Of the three pups, she is the least comfortable in a crate and will cry when left alone, but she is starting to settle more quickly and sleep through the night. She has the destructive tendencies that are to be expected in any husky puppy – she and her sister made quick work of a house plant on the floor of their rescuers’ home.

With some patience, understanding, and training, Ruby would make a great companion for the right person or family. She’s a sweet and spicy fluff ball who truly lives up to her name and seems like she could grow into an adventurous, fun-loving best friend.

Quick Facts:

  • Young puppy looking for her foster-to-adopt home
  • More outgoing one of the pups!
  • Adoption Fee: $500

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