Red, now Remy

4yr old Male Husky Mix

Remy is a sweet boy who has truly come out of his shell since he joined us.

We got him from the kill list at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control – and sadly the only reason that he ended up there was because he was just plain terrified.

Since his arrival, Remy now craves attention from people.  When excited he does an adorable full-body wag and he will melt into your hands when you reach to pet him. He’s a total snugglebug and is looking for his forever couch to crash on. Couch time with his humans is his favorite!

Remy also loves his people so much now that he will sleep in the bed with his foster family – he sleeps soundly through the night without incident (if permitted by his adopters of course).

Remy is a medium energy pup who will periodically explore the yard with the other pups but doesn’t seem inclined towards any crazy antics or destruction.

He has been great with all the other dogs in his foster home showing no aggression at all. He has learned how to walk on a leash with more confidence with his fosters too!

Remy is definitely food-motivated and takes treats gently from his fosters’ hands.  He currently knows how to “sit”.  They were also working on shake last we checked.

Although Remy gets along well with the other pups in his foster home, he doesn’t seem to be dependent upon them.  It may help his confidence to grow more quickly though if there is another established, confident pup in his new home, but he would likely do well as an only dog as well.

He’s a smart and obedient boy who goes easily into his kennel without protest when asked, but also is inclined to be a bit of an escape artist and will find and exploit the weaknesses of a lesser kennel once his people have gone. A quality kennel is a must if Remy is to be crated – he may not need to be crated if he won’t be alone for long hours.

Since being neutered, Remy now no longer marks inside either – it has been several weeks and this behavior is completely gone.

Remy is such a sweet boy and is the perfect example of why we give kill-list dogs a chance – that’s all they need to show just how good they can be!

Quick Facts:

  • Undersocialized and needs a patient adopter
  • Does well with other dogs
  • Medium energy - not too crazy!
  • Knows sit, but needs work on kennel and leash training
  • Eager to please for treats!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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