5mo female husky mix

Raven was one of 8 puppies we took in from an abandoned backyard breeding situation in Tonopah. She and the others were found living in a crawlspace underneath a house. We think they were from multiple litters as there were multiple females, but just one male also in the area. All were very fearful of humans and extremely under-socialized. Nova on our website is one of the mothers from this situation.

Raven is available for adoption and is around 5 months old now. She still needs work on socialization in public spaces, but has been raised with children, cats and other dogs since arriving with us. She is doing well with all of these in her foster home, but will absolutely need patient adopters prepared to spend time working on making her more comfortable in public spaces. Leash walking and desensitization to busy or loud areas where she is not familiar will definitely take some work for her. She is not your typical happy-go-lucky puppy and takes some time to come out of her shell.

She is fully vaccinated and spayed, but has an ortho consult to look at the toes on one of her front limbs – they look slightly off, but they don’t seem to be bothering her too much now! We just want to take this last step to guarantee her health for her forever home as much as we possibly can.

If you think you can provide a safe, patient and loving home for this sweet girl who has so much potential, please fill out our adoption application to meet her!

Quick Facts:

  • Found living in a crawlspace under a house in Tonopah
  • One of five puppies left in the middle litter pulled from the 9 puppies found
  • Shy at first but warming up and learning to socialize
  • May need some extra care as she adjusts
  • Adoption Fee: $500

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