2yr old male Siberian Husky

Meet Prince! This gorgeous wooly boy was rescued from the euthanasia list at MCACC. As with many of our recent intakes, he struggled in the shelter environment. After 4 months there, he was so stressed by being confined and not getting enough exercise that shelter staff determined his behaviors were not safe for him mentally, landing him on the e-list. During our evaluation, it was immediately clear that all Prince needed was to get out of the shelter, and we’re so grateful that we were able to make this happen. He was SO happy to be safe, sticking his head out the car window on his ride to his foster’s house and just soaking in all that freedom.

Prince has adjusted easily to life in his foster home. His foster describes him as an easy-going dog who loves everything and everyone. He has that classic happy-go-lucky energy that makes huskies so lovable. He’s very playful and loves other dogs; he has done well living with both small and large dogs in the home. He has displayed a bit of resource guarding around those dogs, but it isn’t aggressive, and we believe it will subside as he continues to settle in. He has also struggled with some marking in the home but is making progress. He loves people and tends to jump on them when excited, but he responds well to correction when it’s needed. He knows a number of commands, including sit, shake, down, speak, stay, off, and no. He isn’t very comfortable in a crate, but he isn’t destructive around the house when unsupervised.

Prince, like most young huskies, loves going for walks (he even walks nicely on a leash!). He also loves playing fetch. He’s always ready to go at a moment’s notice and would make a great addition to an active household. That being said, he’s also perfectly content to just snuggle up on the couch and chill with his people, especially if he can be on your lap. He truly offers the best of both worlds.

You may be wondering why a dog that’s so sweet and well-behaved spent so much time in the shelter. It was likely due to one health problem – we suspect that he is completely blind in his right eye. We will be having it checked out, but it does not seem to bother him or cause him any problems, and it certainly doesn’t slow him down. He can be a bit jumpy if approached from his blind side, so people should try to approach him from his left whenever possible. We are recommending a home without infants or toddlers for this reason. However, he isn’t at all aggressive, even when startled, and we believe he will have no problem living with kids who are aware of his condition.

Prince is truly one of the sweetest, happiest boys you could imagine. We’re so grateful that we were able to give him a second chance and that he’ll never have to spend another day scared in the shelter. All he needs now is a family to call his own. His ideal home would have another playful dog or two to keep him company, though he would likely also be alright as an only dog. If you’re looking for the perfect adventure and cuddle buddy, Prince is your guy! Fill out an application on our website if you’re interested in meeting this handsome and loving boy.

Quick Facts:

  • E-listed for kennel-stress, assumed from being too high-energy; Prince is actually a pretty chill guy now he is free!
  • Easygoing, loves everyone and everything. Playful with other dogs large and small.
  • Knows “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “speak,” and “shake,” among others
  • Completely blind in one eye - likely from trauma, though no longterm treatment is needed
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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