Female Husky/Shepherd Mix, born 5/7/22

Layla’s puppies are now 6 weeks old and they are ready to find their forever homes! These puppies are well socialized and playful. We had mama’s DNA done and she is about half husky with malamute and german shepherd as the next two main breeds (screenshot attached),. We’re told dad is a shepherd so we are expecting their ears to stand up, but with unknowns, obviously no promises! They will probably be 50-60lbs full grown if we had to guess

How foster-to-adopt works:
We don’t finalize adoption for any of our dogs until they are spayed and neutered – although many rescues will do this around 8-10 weeks, we wait until they are 16 weeks old. When you fill out our foster-to-adopt application for a puppy, you are agreeing to work with our team to make it to medical appointments that we will coordinate with you to schedule, and keep with this timeline.

We place puppies just separated from their litter directly into foster-to-adopt homes so that they reach their permanent home as quick as possible with minimal transitional stress. They receive their first vaccination on the day they go home. We take the first half of their adoption fee at the time of placement, and will collect the remainder once adoption is finalized.

The puppies need continued DHPP (parvo/distemper) vaccinations every 3 weeks until they reach 16 weeks of age – we do these repeats at 10 weeks, 13 weeks, and a final one at 16 weeks. No exceptions – this is extremely important to the health of your puppy. Fosters also agree that their puppy will not go for walks or be exposed to unvaccinated dogs or questionable environments like dog parks until they are 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated.

We microchip dogs at either the 13 week vaccine or at the time of spay/neuter. Once all medical is complete, we will send a contract digitally for you to sign, request the second half of their fee, and then finalize! From here we transfer the microchip to you and send all medical records over. Congrats on your new family member!

Quick Facts:

  • Adorable Husky/Shepherd mix
  • High energy and will shed a lot!
  • Please do research if you are not familiar with these breeds!

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