2yo male Siberian Husky

Meet Paz! Like many of our recent intakes, Paz found himself on the euthanasia list at MCACC due to fear and stress in the shelter. We don’t know much about his background, but it’s clear that he has had a rough go of it and didn’t trust people at all when he first came to us.

Paz had a little bit of an adjustment period at first and did end up needing to complete a board and train program with us. Despite everything he’d likely been through and his initial trust issues, he has definitely wanted to be friends with everyone all along. Like a true husky, he doesn’t fully understand that not all dogs want to deal with his shenanigans. There have been quite a few scuffles with other dogs in his foster homes homes, and after spending some time at a board and train program, his trainer does believe it is best that he go to a home as an only dog. He has come such a long way when it comes to his comfort level around people, initially being a bit reactive to unwanted touch. Now he is a total lap dog who just loves affection and attention!

Paz has a moderate amount of energy and is pretty well-behaved around the house. He is fully potty- and crate-trained and sleeps well through the night in his crate. He loves going for walks and would make a great hiking buddy. He has come a long way with his training and does know his commands now, but will need a refresher when he is placed (provided by the rescue) – he gets excited and will still jump up on people if he can’t contain himself, for example. Like many huskies, he has a stubborn side, and likes to test boundaries. He can also be a bit mouthy when he gets excited. He responds well to gentle correction and especially to re-direction with treats thanks to his strong food motivation. He unfortunately does have a bite record from early on in his time with us, when being corrected more forcefully, and only prior to his training program. He has not had any bite incidences since that time. Because of his history and lingering fear around people, we recommend he go to a child-free home. With patience and consistency, we know that Paz will continue to improve.

Despite his rough start in life, Paz is such a sweet, happy boy with so much love to give. He loves belly rubs and snuggling up with his trusted humans. He would make an amazing addition to an active household that is willing to work with him to earn his trust and build his confidence. We’re so happy to see Paz get a fresh start. If you’re interested in meeting him, please fill out an application on our website. 

Quick Facts:

  • Very friendly, happy and loving boy who has come a long way with us
  • Needs to be an only dog; can be playful with other dogs but has gotten into too many fights unfortunately
  • Medium energy - great for a running buddy but also great to hang out
  • Completed a board and train program and has come a long way with manners!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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