3-4yr male Husky Mix

Otis is a handsome shy guy still learning how to feel safe. We are still getting to know this big boy, but now that he is finally in a foster home he has really been coming out of his shell. Otis was saved from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County shelter. He was placed on the kill list for being afraid and shut down in the shelter. He had not shown any aggression and was just scared. Otis was found as a stray with a couple other dogs, and as expected he is doing well with two other dogs in his foster home. He needs dogs that can respect boundaries since he does get overwhelmed at first (we definitely expect this to improve in time), tough once comfortable he has become playful with the others!

Otis is still pretty timid with new people, but he is also curious and wants to get to know you slowly. Food and treats are your best friend in winning him over! He walks on a leash well without too much pulling, unless he gets spooked – we’ve seen this happen a few times where he panics, and the best approach to this is to just stop and talk to him calmly and get him to realize he’s ok. He really likes to get out, he’s just easily overwhelmed and was very under-socialized before we got him. Getting him out and about will be the best way to help him learn to be less afraid in the long run.

We think Otis would do well in a home with other dogs that would help him gain confidence and can recognize when he needs space. Ideally we think Otis would be best with other dogs that are medium to large. He is a big boy himself, close to 80lbs!

Otis has so far been a gentle giant with humans, allowing all handling and a bath with his new foster with no issues at all. We are not recommending very young kids around Otis because he is more skittish and fearful and we don’t want him to get overwhelmed. Older dog-savvy kids would likely be ok. Fill out an application if you’d like to meet this gorgeous guy!

Quick Facts:

  • Timid and skittish but showing improvements
  • Walks ok on a leash but goes slow; needs time to trust
  • Needs socialization
  • Coming soon after medical checkup
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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