5yo female Siberian Husky

Meet Noel! She had been living outdoors for quite some time now up in Show Low, AZ and she now has a safe, warm and indoor foster home where she can heal.

This poor girl had clearly had a rough time of it. She had been stuck in the same place outdoors for a bit and has difficulty using her back legs. There are multiple medical conditions plaguing her, from which she is currently healing. Noel came with both sarcoptic and demodectic mange and was totally infested. Her condition was so bad when we got her that the skin on both sides of her muzzle was thick and solid from being completely scabbed over. Her ears were also thick and solid with scabs. Her front and back legs, between her paws, and entire stomach and chest were also completely covered in scabs. She has had multiple baths, Nexgard and dip treatments and is showing major improvements to her skin, and has also been on antibiotics.

Noel came back positive for tick fever and is currently being treated for this as well. She also has several fused vertebrae that appear to be arthritic, and gabapentin and carprofen for pain have been helping her get around better. We plan to also try adequan injections to get her more comfortable.

She is the SWEETEST girl, so happy to see you, tail wagging and doesn’t understand why she can’t snuggle just yet. She’s middle-aged and calmly, patiently waits in isolation while we wait for her mange to heal enough she is no longer contagious.

We will be providing more updates as she progresses!

Quick Facts:

  • Medical needs stray from Show Low, AZ
  • Super sweet, loving temperament; very friendly
  • Has severe arthritis in her spine and will need pain management
  • Medical updates tbd
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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