4yo male Siberian Husky/Malamute/Shepherd

Meet Nick! “St. Nick” had been is foster care over the holidays, but was then returned to the Maricopa East shelter, where he was placed on the e-list because he was struggling in the shelter environment. Luckily another generous foster stepped up to get him out of the shelter, and since then he has been doing much better.

Although Nick did not immediately seem to understand being in a house, he adjusted quickly and has done very well in foster care. He’s a very sweet boy who absolutely loves to snuggle. He is active and loves to play, but he is also able to settle easily and is content to be a couch potato. His foster family describes him as a cuddly and very affectionate dog who loves hugs and belly rubs.

Nick has also done well with other dogs. He plays with the other large dogs in his foster home. He has yet to be introduced to any little dogs – though he did meet a pig and showed something between confusion and possible prey drive, so further intros are required for any other pets! His notes from the shelter describe him as being on the dominant side, but his foster reports that he responds well to vocal and body language cues from the other dogs. He is not toy motivated, but does enjoy throwing a ball around and chasing after it. He walks well on a leash without pulling much and loves to explore with his nose. He also enjoys car rides and pup cups.

Nick’s foster family has not observed any of the behavioral issues noted in the shelter. Like many huskies, he did not thrive in that environment and just needed a loving home where he could decompress. He does like to jump on people, but he responds well to re-direction with treats. He does very well in a crate, though he was also left out with doggy door access while home alone and did not display any destructive behavior. He knows how to sit and takes food gently. He has high food drive, meaning he will likely do well with additional training. He has done well with teenagers in his foster home. His behavior with smaller children is unknown.

Nick is everything you could ask for in a husky – a friendly, happy boy who just wants to play and snuggle. He would do best in a home with active people and/or another active dog to play with, but he calms down quickly when needed. He’s a big sweetie without a mean bone in his body who would love a family to call his own.

Quick Facts:

  • Playful but also low-key and calms down quick
  • Loves to explore and loves to be loved by his human!
  • Loves to snuggle
  • Has not shown destructive tendencies but does need his exercise!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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