5yr old male Siberian Husky mix

Nema was surrendered from a situation where he was not able to get all of the care that he needed. He is about 5yrs old and was found as a puppy near the original owner’s house. The original owner loved and cared for him until she was forced to move and unable to keep him, and then entrusted him to the care of some friends. Somewhere in this time he suffered a disc injury in his neck that effects him intermittently.

We took him in on Christmas Eve after the new owners decided that would need to euthanize him as they were unable to get him care and he was in extreme pain. When we took him, he was screaming in pain with every movement and needed to be brought to the vet right away. After reviewing x-rays, a disc injury was confirmed – so think about as a human how bad your back feels if something slips; this is exactly what he was going through without any medication to manage it. After he got his meds, within a week he transformed into a totally different dog! His energy levels returned and he became playful and very mobile, even chasing his tail. He is snuggly and loving and likes to play, but shouldn’t play too rough so as not to aggravate his injury, which will likely need to be managed with some pain or nerve medication for the rest of his life. The medication is not very expensive and we are happy to go over any concerns on his treatment with any possible adopter.

He tested negative for valley fever, tick fever and heartworm, and several vets have diagnosed with disc injury in the neck. We did have him see a doggie chiropractor and he did amazingly after his appointment! He is a stunning dog, but will need an adopter who understands that he will need some ongoing medical care, possibly low-cost longterm medication and chiropractic (~$50/per adjustment) to keep him comfortable, and who also understands that he will have some good days and some bad days. He has been in a foster home for 3 weeks and is very sweet, and we do not believe his daily pain is to the level he would need to be euthanized for a very long time; so long as he is kept on a schedule and cared for appropriately, he has many happy, snuggly years yet to offer!

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