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~2yr old male Husky Mix

Nanoa is a very sweet boy with a TON of energy. He has husky markings and coloring, but is definitely mixed with something else, which we can mostly tell from his mouth/tongue and some general difference in body shape. He has a lot of pent up energy that we are working on managing and exercising currently. He does not seem to have been socialized very well in the past – he loves other dogs and wants to play with all of them, but plays too roughly with smaller dogs and doesn’t always understand cues from other dogs when they’re done or want him to slow it down. He hasn’t been with us long at all yet and we are still working on learning more about him. He does great with the other large dog in his foster home, but we would not recommend him in a dog park setting as he is still new to all of this and gets overstimulated easily. He is also definitely a puller on a leash, but has shown himself to be very smart and eager/willing to learn, so with time a lot of his training concerns can definitely be addressed and corrected, he just needs to find the right owner to love and work with him. His old owner adopted him from the county shelter approximately a year ago. They surrendered him because they did not have the time for him – with all of his energy, he will need someone to exercise him often. He needs walks, and possibly another large dog playmate in a home with a yard to help him stay occupied.

He has shown no aggression to humans at all, but lived in a house with 4 young children for a year with no issues, however we would be a little apprehensive to recommend him going to a home with small children as he has so much energy and is likely to jump and knock them over without meaning to. He would do just fine with older children!

He also appears to be pretty underweight, so we are working on helping him get to a healthy weight again as well! He loves to eat so with some time and patience this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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If you are interested in “Nanoa,” please email us at arizonahuskyrescue@gmail.com, or fill out the adoption application following the link below.

His adoption fee is $150. This helps to cover cost of updating his vaccinations. He is neutered and chipped.

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