3-4yo Male Husky/Malamute

Mowgli is such an amazing boy! He is happy and outgoing with a ton of personality. We first saw him under the name Alaska at the county shelter. He was adopted, but the adopters reached out to us and begged us to take him in – he had an ear infection and kids weren’t respecting his space while he didn’t feel well. There did end up being an incident with a kid laying on top of him where he snapped towards the child. He is not a mean dog at ALL, and everyone is going to be ok, but we didn’t want Mowgli to be at risk for euthanasia. He has shown no aggression whatsoever since we have gotten him and does great with other dogs both large and small.

Mowgli is a big boy that can be a little mouthy, so he may need work on boundaries and consistency. We are recommending no small kids – likely teens and older who are dog-savvy would be just fine for him.

He loves to do tricks and will go through his whole routine for you when you ask! He is extremely treat-motivated and has so much potential for even more training besides tricks. He’s clearly a very smart boy and it would be great to see what he could learn. Speaking of tricks, Mowgli knows how to sit, lay down, shake, high five, spin (walk in a circle), and then will flop down and roll over! He can also be very vocal when he gets excited.

He has a good amount of energy but doesn’t have full on puppy craziness or destruction. Mowgli has not been tested with cats. He’s a whole lot of husky and our preference would be an adopter with breed experience. Fill out an app to meet Mowgli!

Quick Facts:

  • Super outgoing, happy boy!
  • Knows a ton of tricks - sit, down, high five, shake, spin and roll over
  • Great with other dogs big and small
  • No young kids - he can be mouthy
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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