~4-yr old male Siberian Husky

MAY OF 2021! That’s how long it’s been since we originally pulled Moe off the kill list at the Maricopa County Shelter. And given he was there for a bit before we got him, it’s almost been 2 years since he had a home. He has spent time back and forth with 2 of our amazing fosters, and has also spent some time in boarding. He was adopted for a few months even, but the adopters decided to have children shortly after getting Moe and sought out a trainer who advised them to return Moe.

We were a bit perplexed that the trainers assessment to be honest, and would be happy to share this feedback to any interested in knowing more. We consider ourselves pretty experienced with the breed and problem pups, but this assessment determined that Moe “uses his cuteness to manipulate” (I mean, don’t all dogs?), and used a “life-like baby doll toy” to determine that Moe could not be with young kids.

None of this is Moe’s fault. His behavior has improved SO MUCH from when we first got him out of the shelter. He was an untrained, crazy, bouncing torpedo of husky happiness – since then, he has actually become what we generally describe as “chill.” He is SUCH a good boy, and one we can reliably take with us to adoption events and know he will do well even in that chaotic environment.

Moe is very food motivated, which has been very helpful for training. He does, however, show some resource-guarding tendencies, of food more than anything. Because of this, it will be best to feed him separately. Moe can also have some separation anxiety because he doesn’t like to be alone. He also plays rough and cannot be in a home with small dogs or cats.

Moe does great in a kennel, loves his people, loves to splash and play in water, does great with other dogs his own size, and would be ok with kids 12+. He is an eager-to-please sweet boy who probably doesn’t really think he belongs anywhere in particular and is, at this point, used to his multiple homes and multiple handlers. He’s been so resilient and adaptable, but nothing would make him happier than having his own permanent home!

Quick Facts:

  • Happy-go-lucky guy who has so much personality
  • Very friendly and chill with adults and older kids
  • Prefers dogs of similar age and energy level - no small dogs or cats
  • Loves to play in water, splash pads and pool baja shelves
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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