7yo female Husky / Malamute

We are so excited to introduce our 500th intake, Maya! This sweet girl was pulled from PACC in Tucson after landing on the euthanasia list for the second time. The first time she was e-listed, she was adopted into a home that wasn’t a great fit. Though she isn’t particularly high energy, she is still a husky, and she ended up being too much for her older adopter to handle on walks. When she was returned to the shelter, she was placed back on the e-list simply because she had been on it before. We are so grateful to our wonderful foster who stepped up to ensure that she will never end up in the shelter again.

We have seen nothing but good things from Maya since she has been in our care. She adjusted very easily to her foster home, taking only a few days to figure out their routine. She quickly showed herself to be Velcro pup who absolutely loves her humans. Unlike many huskies who are more independent, Maya prefers to be around people. She is extremely affectionate and will paw at you to ask for pets and belly rubs. Her love for people has manifested as some separation anxiety, though we believe this will improve once she sees that she is in a stable, forever home. Despite her anxiety, she is not destructive around the home other than occasionally getting into the trash, and she is not crated when home alone. She has not shown any other behavioral issues beyond a single incidence of resource-guarding around a high-value chew. She knows the word “no” and listens well to corrections on the rare occasions that she needs them.

Maya is currently the only dog in the home, and we believe she would really thrive as an only dog. Her notes from the shelter stated that there were some issues with other dogs in her first home, but it sounds like they were due to jealousy over her human. She has done well around dogs on walks and in public spaces, so we think she could potentially do well in a home with other dogs if jealousy over people isn’t a concern. We are still getting to know her and will update as we learn more; on the advice of PACC, her fosters have limited face-to-face interactions with other dogs as she settles in.

Maya is an easygoing dog with a medium amount of energy for a husky. She absolutely loves going for walks and even walks nicely on a leash! She also loves going on car rides – her fosters report that she insists on daily excursions. They have taken her to work (office setting), restaurants with patios, and even to real estate showings. She has been very well-behaved in all those environments, happily accepting affection from strangers. She has also done well around older children (7+). In her previous home, she did have one resource-guarding incident with a very small child who crawled towards her food bowl, so we will not be adopting her to a family with very young children out of an abundance of caution.

Based on everything we have observed with Maya, we see no reason for her to have ended up on the kill list. She is such a sweet girl who will make an amazing companion. We think she would do best in a quieter environment with a moderately active person or family. Her ideal home would balance her love of walks and adventures with her desire to relax and snuggle with her humans. If you’re looking for a pup who is both well-behaved and super affectionate, Maya is the dog for you! Please fill out an application on our website if you’re interested in meeting this sweet, fluffy girl.

Quick Facts:

  • Super sweet, loving girl who adores people and asks for pets
  • Good with other dogs in public and on a leash
  • History states there were issues with other dogs in home; may be jealousy related, but she may need to be with independent larger dogs or an only dog
  • No small kids
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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