7 month old Siberian Husky

This sweet young lady is looking for her forever home! Unfortunately her original owner didn’t take her out much so she is a bit more on the timid side from a socialization perspective, though her foster has been introducing her to many things and she has been doing great so far. She will make an amazing family member for the right home.

She is good with other dogs of all sizes and loves to go to the dog park. She also does well with the cat in her foster home – although the original owner had stated that she chased cats, her foster has observed no issues with his own cat and even said that Mathilda seems “indifferent” to him. Very rare for the breed!

She’s not as crazily high energy as some of the huskies the get in here, but as comes with a puppy of this breed, exercise needs will still need to be met, including regular walks or visits to the dog park, or playtime with other pups. She enjoys her toys, including a ball that she will play fetch by herself. She won’t always chase after it after it’s thrown for her – but again, they aren’t retrievers, so not unexpected! She currently lives with another young dog that she plays with very well and would love a playmate in her new home too.

Her foster also states that she is pretty quiet and doesn’t really bark. She is very sweet and gentle, and has been great with children in the foster’s home too.

Mathilda did initially have some adjustment-based potty-training accidents when she came to the foster’s home, so an adopter could potentially expect to see a brief regression here that will require some attention and correction. She responds well to verbal correction (“No”), as well as well to treat/food re-direction in positive reinforcement training.

This sweet girl is such a catch – the whole package, good with other dogs, cats and kids with medium energy and a sweet temperament.

Fill out an application if you’d like to meet her!

Quick Facts:

  • Loves other dogs
  • Good with kids and cats
  • Medium energy, loves to play

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