2yo female husky mix

Martha is finally ready for her forever home! This sweet girl takes some time to warm up, but she truly has so much potential for the right home. She’s been through so much, we can’t wait to see her thrive. Martha was saved from the euthanasia list at Maricopa County. She was kill listed for being shut down and afraid in the shelter, but turns out she had a really good reason to be that scared – she was pregnant!

We got Martha out and gave her a safe space to have her babies. She was the best mother, and got along great with all of the other adult dogs in her foster home too. She has shown no aggression whatsoever to any other animal, and is very submissive in play. She has a ton of puppy energy and will get pretty worked up playing with other dogs, but she is very happy to accept any correction and the boundaries of other animals. The older dogs in her foster home let her know they weren’t amused with her puppy antics, and she steered clear of them after only a few vocal warnings to back off.

Martha showed just how amazing of a mother she is when Sofi had her puppies and needed to be separated from them to go back on her valley fever treatment medication. The puppies were less than a week old, and Martha happily took them on as her own and raised them as well! We will say, she is probably very glad to never have to be a mother again, but she also rose to the challenge and was a great caregiver.

Martha is VERY nervous of strangers at first. Once she was comfortable with the humans in her first foster home, she would bark a warning bark at any visitors who came in and took some time and coaxing to calm her down to accept the new people. When she transitioned to a new foster home, she shut down pretty far being in a new environment at first. It took her a while to warm up to her new foster – though she warmed up to the other dogs in her new foster home much more quickly and played with them just as well as with the first dogs she met in rescue.

She gradually came around and soon enough was sleeping on her foster human’s bed. Given that she regressed in moving to a new home, we do think that Martha will take some time once she is in a new home with an adopter to be her true self, and anyone who takes her on must be prepared to give her some time to adjust to a new place before they see the Martha we have come to know and love!

She may have some separation anxiety until she gets comfortable, and has shown she can jump 5ft, though she has not cleared any fenced as tall as 6ft and in the ideal circumstance she won’t even try! Very young kids might be a little scary for her – though she hasn’t shown any aggression, unpredictable behavior likely isn’t best as she adjusts. She has not been cat-tested but may be ok. Please let us know if you’d like to meet Martha!

Quick Facts:

  • More timid and shy; takes time to warm up
  • LOVES other dogs and very playful and submissive
  • Unknown with cats and small kids
  • Needs a patient adopter
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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