1yo female Husky Mix

Meet Lady! Lady came to us from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County East shelter as an urgent medical case. The old East location has especially small kennels that aren’t suited to high-energy dogs. Although no one saw it happen, it is believed that she was jumping around her tiny space and managed to get her back right leg caught in the door. In her struggle to free herself, she managed to completely dislocate her hip, which was discovered later when she observed being unable to put any weight on that leg. Due to the time her hip spent dislocated, Lady underwent a femoral head ostectomy, or FHO surgery, after leaving the shelter to put her hip back into place and decrease the chance that it becomes dislocated again in the future. She was then transferred to one of our experienced medical fosters. She has been healing very well over the last several weeks and is now ready to start looking for her forever home.

Lady adjusted easily to life in her foster home, settling in with the rest of the pack right away.  She has shown medium to high energy as she continues to recover from surgery. She’s truly still a puppy at heart – while we believe she has had some human connection in the past, she doesn’t seem to have had much training. Though she can be a true stubborn husky at times, she is doing very well with consistency and responds well to appropriate corrections. She likes to get into the trash and has shown some prey curiosity towards the cat in the home, but she she responds to redirection with “no kitty”. We truly believe she will continue to improve with some more training. She has been left out of her crate when home alone and has not been destructive.

Lady is very playful and does well with the other (large) dogs in the home. She doesn’t like to take charge, preferring the follow the other dogs’ leads. She has also spent some time at the park with other large dogs. She also enjoys fetch and playing with stuffed toys, as well as going for walks and car rides. She walks nicely and is polite on leash when she leaves the house.

To top it off, Lady absolutely loves people. She likes to be near her humans and will seek out belly rubs and snuggles. Once she trusts you, she’s sweet and loyal as can be. She would feel most at home in an active but relaxed household. We believe she will do well with children of any age. She could be an only dog but would likely prefer having another playful dog to spend time with. Lady is truly a sweet, easy husky who will thrive once she’s given the chance to be part of a family. Fill out an application today to meet this happy, loving girl.

Quick Facts:

  • Sweet, happy high-energy girl who acts like a big puppy
  • LOVES other dogs, very playful
  • Also LOVES people - all people of all ages and sizes, including children of any age.
  • Dislocated a hip in the shelter and needed an FHO surgery to fix this; has since recovered!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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