~9yr old female Siberian Husky

Meet Kyrah! This sweet old lady has so much life left in her – we received a request to take her in from the Casa Grande Animal Shelter recently and just couldn’t say no.
Her owner had surrendered her to be euthanized – her age is listed as 8yrs but we believe she may be a little older (her teeth are in awful condition). The owner claimed that she had “an injury to her tendon” supposedly years ago that had “healed on it’s own” – though anyone that looks at her can see that it clearly never healed at all!

This poor baby walked way bow-legged and was obviously in pain when we got her. She still walks a bit funny, but now that we have her on a consistent pain management plan with carprofen and gabapentin, she is doing SO well! Her foster says that she is way less restless, does a little bit of hopping for her food, and will occasionally get a little bit playful with the other pups in the home.

We would recommend a home with other older dogs simply because she just isn’t as agile in her old age, and being bumped the wrong way with too rough of play could cause her some pain.

Her bloodwork came back fantastic! Nothing appears to be majorly wrong internally, which is great news. We would like to get a dental on her prior to adoption, and we also had x-rays done – she has a lot of arthritis in her hips, but also a condition where her kneecaps are not where they should be, which is what causes her legs to rotate so weird. Our vet believes that because they are both exactly the same and because she seems to have adapted so well to their use that she has likely had this condition since birth. So the good news is that she doesn’t actively appear to be dying, the bad news is that she needs to be on pain management medication for life – overall though, things could be SO MUCH WORSE and we can’t wait to see her spoiled in a forever home!

Quick Facts:

  • Good with other dogs
  • Grouchy getting in and our of cars
  • Cats unknown
  • Longterm medication needs

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