2-4yo Female Siberian Husky

Meet Kona! Kona was found as a stray by some good Samaritans who had previously fostered for another rescue. They put in a lot of work trying to find her owners with no success, at which point they reached out and asked to foster her with our backing. We just couldn’t say no to this beautiful girl! We’re so excited to help Kona find her new forever home.

It took Kona a few weeks to adjust to her foster home, but she is settling in nicely and getting more and more comfortable. She gets along well with the other dogs in the home, both big and small. She prefers being in the same room as them and is becoming more playful as she settles in. She plays like a husky and does like to be in charge, but it hasn’t posed any issues. She may have learned some prey drive towards cats from the older dog in the home, so we do recommend a home without cats or other small pets. Otherwise she is very well-behaved; her fosters haven’t reported any destructive tendencies or other behavioral challenges. She is fully potty-trained and can be safely left alone outside of a crate (we actually do not know how she does in a crate because of this). She is talkative and will let you know when she needs something, but she responds well to “no” when needed. She’s very food-motivated and is learning how to take treats politely.

Kona is relatively chill by husky standards, but she absolutely loves being outside in the nice weather and going for walks. She gets very excited when her leash comes out and will not hesitate to vocalize her excitement. Once she leaves the house, however, she walks nicely without too much pulling.

To top it all off, Kona is a very sweet, affectionate girl. She likes to stay near her humans and loves to get belly rubs and snuggles. She is starting to become more playful with people, as well. She has done well with teenagers in her foster home; we don’t know how she is with younger children, but we haven’t seen any indications that it would be a problem. Kona is an easy dog who would truly fit well into any home, by herself or with other dogs (we do think she would do best with dogs that are on the mellow side). She’s really a dream husky – all of the floof and sass without the other challenges that often come with the breed. All she needs now is a family to call her own. Fill out an adoption application today to meet this wonderful girl!

Quick Facts:

  • Friendly with adults and older kids
  • Potty-trained, no destruction issues outside of a kennel
  • No issues with other dogs - starting to play more
  • Vocal when excited or amped up
  • Adoption Fee: $250

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