2yr old female Siberian Husky

  • E-listed at MCACC for barrier reactivity in her kennel
  • A completely different dog in the play yard – excited to meet people, loved to be pet and give kisses, did lots of zoomies
  • Very high energy girl who takes a little work to learn cues from other dogs, but does learn them in time – in an adoptive home we would recommend that she goes with other high-energy dogs. She plays very well with them, but took some time to realize she needed to give the older dog space!
  • She sometimes mouths objects/hands in a very puppy-like way (playful, not hurtful) – her foster is working with her on this behavior and says she responds well to correction
  • Recommend older kids only due to energy and mouthy behavior
  • Kitty doesn’t do great on a leash or with a collar – we recommend using a harness to walk her until she gets more used to her collar. She loves to get her energy out, but hasn’t likely been leashed a ton. She pulls on a leash but also will try to bite at the leash because she just doesn’t love the sensation of it being there. Her foster is working with her on this but it will likely be an ongoing process.
  • She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle
  • Crate and potty-trained, uses a doggy door, sleeps through the night
  • She doesn’t love to be brushed, but foster is working on it
  • She is generally quiet, but if we or the other dogs are not paying enough attention, she speaks up.
  • Very sweet, affectionate and playful girl with lots of energy!

Quick Facts:

  • High-energy, playful, happy girl
  • Needs some work on trust with a leash and collar
  • Good with other dogs and loves people and affection
  • High energy and needs regular exercise - foster is working on leash skills with her.
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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