1yr old Male Husky Mix

Meet Snake who will now be known as King! This boy originally had the weirdest range of symptoms that made pulling him an incredibly difficult decision – but we are so glad that we took a chance on him!

King’s original symptoms ranged from a cough, nasal discharge and sneezing – he was treated with antibiotics. Then on July 20th he was found lateral and lethargic in his kennel with a fever. He was moved into a/c, and given fluids and his fever was gone the next day. At this point, he began to show difficulty standing – the vet stood him up to check him out and he collapsed back down, and was unwilling to rise.

He is negative for heartworm, tick fever, and Valley Fever negative, though his bloodwork did show some abnormalities when we first got him. We was walking when we got him, just a little slowly and showed lower muscle mass on his back legs along with being underweight. Our course of action from here, given a lack of concrete diagnosis, was to get him healthy again nutritionally and plan to retest his blood.

He has been simply thriving in his foster home – he has gradually grown more active and will now even do some zoomies! He has a good appetite, is able to keep food down, and has been getting better everyday. He has an amazingly sweet loving temperament and we believe he may be ready for his foster-to-adopt home. We do still have a plan to follow up on bloodwork to see if all his issues are resolved, but he is overall doing so well!

He’s great with the other dog in his foster home, would likely be ok with kids since he has shown no aggression at all and has a calmer, loving disposition. Cats are unknown, though he may be ok with them too.

Please fill out a foster-to-adopt app if you’d like to meet him.

Quick Facts:

  • Timid, but sweet, comes out of his shell when he gets to know you
  • Good with other dogs
  • May be ok with kids and cats; needs to be tested
  • Healing very well!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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