1yo female Husky Mix

Meet Keiko! She was e-listed at the county shelter because she was absolutely terrified in that environment. She has never bitten or shown any aggressive behavior, and she has come out her shell so much since being transferred to a calm, safe home. Though she still has some trauma, she also has so much potential.

Keiko took a few days to settle into her new home, but has done well with the help of her foster’s other husky. She is now mostly potty-trained except for one area where she will have the occasional accident. Now that she has gotten more comfortable, she is very playful with the other dog in the home, though she does sometimes try to be the alpha. She loves squeaky toys and enjoys playing tug. Her behavior with cats and small dogs is unknown, but she has does well with both young children and teenagers. She likes attention and cuddles on her terms and is becoming more loving everyday.

Coming from a shelter environment, Keiko does have a few behavioral issues, including resource guarding with other dogs and separation anxiety, though these could improve as she has more time to decompress. As with many huskies, she will also counter-surf or try to get into things she shouldn’t if given the chance, but she responds well to verbal correction and re-direction with food. She loves treats (her foster says she’ll eat anything), which should help with training. She does not know how to walk on leash and will need lots of patience and encouragement in that area. Ideally she would be walked in a harness with another dog to show her how it’s done, though it may take a little forcing at first. She does not like being in a crate.

Keiko’s foster family has seen tremendous improvement as she has adjusted to life in a loving home. She would make a great companion for an active family, especially one with another dog for her to play with or where her humans are home most of the time. She has come a long way in a short time and will continue to get better with some love and care. Fill out an application today to meet this sweet and loving girl!

Quick Facts:

  • Timid and skittish but showing improvements
  • Needs a home with another social dog to help her adjust
  • Needs socialization and leash training
  • Coming soon after medical checkup
  • Adoption Fee: $400

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