~9-10wk old female Malamute/German Shepherd Mix

These pups are gonna be BIG!!! We are expecting 90-100lbs or so full grown so please keep that in mind when applying. 

Medical Disclosure: One of the puppies from this litter is ringworm positive – because of the nature of ringworm being very contagious, it is very much so possible that the other pups were infected as well, though they all tested negative and are not showing symptoms. Ringworm is easily treated but can take a while to go away completely in dogs. The puppies have all received a one week treatment of anti-fungal meds already, and are currently still receiving topical treatments in their foster homes. Our fosters are keeping separate from other pets for this time to be cautious. Adopter must be able to continue topical treatment and keep their puppy separate from other pets for 3 weeks from today. We will be scheduling a re-check follow-up for all pups once placed. Ringworm is not life-threatening, but can be spread to humans, dogs, cats, pretty much any mammal. In humans, it’s very easy to treat as well, but can definitely be quite a nuisance if it spreads, so we do want to ensure that it stops here!

Outside of the above disclosure, they are ready to be placed in foster-to-adopt homes! They are soooo fluffy and happy and playful and just perfect 

Quick Facts:

  • Expected to be extra-large - 90-100lbs
  • Very fluffy and will shed a lot!
  • Do research if you are not familiar with the breeds please!

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