2yo male Siberian Husky

Jones comes to us off the euthanasia list at the county shelter. As a typical Siberian Husky, he did not do well in the stressful, shelter environment. Guarding his food through the kennel barrier is what got him put on the kill list. Fortunately, he was so grateful to be busted out of the shelter that he gave his foster ALL the kisses in the car!

Now that he’s been with us for a few weeks, we have a full assessment of him: 

Jones is a goof ball.  He’s very very affectionate almost to a fault, and needs constant attention.  He’s so focused on attention that he is almost unaware of anything else and so far has trouble doing regular dog things.  He has shown a lot of separation anxiety, to the point where he cries when his foster is in a different room and he can’t get to him or see him. The cute part of this behavior is that he gets so focused on his person that he becomes a bit clumsy – he’ll often trip,  run into things or fall off the couch just from not paying attention to anything but his person!

He is also highly intelligent, and has learned quickly that people do not like uninvited jumping and how to sit and wait to be pet. In just a few days Jones has learned to sit and wait for his food and will then eat it slowly and not hover over the others food as much. 

His foster reports that now that he is in a safe, comfortable environment and decompressed from the shelter, he has shown no food or kennel aggression at all! It seems most likely that this behavior would only come out under extreme stress. 

He also, weirdly for a husky, doesn’t seem to have much of a prey drive – his foster even has chicken and he will look at them, but not make any attempt to get to them. We would ALWAYS recommend caution when introducing a new dog to other animals, but this really is a great sign for Jones. He hasn’t been around cats yet, but we would not be opposed to a meet and greet given how he has reacted towards chickens. 

Jones is also great with other dogs! He is very playful and submissive with them for the most part, and will accept correction from other dogs if he gets too worked up.

Jones will need a home where people are around a lot, or are able to bring him with them – he does not do well alone for extended periods of time, but he will be the most rewarding good boy for his forever family!

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Quick Facts:

  • LOVES his person; doesn't like to be left alone
  • Playful and submissive with other dogs
  • Treat-motivated and a fast learner!
  • Has shown no prey drive even to chickens so far
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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