3yo male Siberian Husky

Jones is back with us again after being returned by an adopter who really, really wanted to find a way to integrate him with her cat – unfortunately after around 6 months, she conceded that Jones just can’t live with kitties. No one was harmed, but it was too much to manage. She did work a lot on basic training with him in that time!

Jones joined us last year from the euthanasia list at the county shelter, where he landed after guarding food through the kennel barrier. His foster worked with him to “sit” and “wait” before eating, and they are now able to free-feed Jones with the other dogs with no issues. There may be some transitional issues adjusting to a new home, but overall he has come a long way since the shelter! Jones is crate-trained, but  hasn’t shown any destructive issues left out so his foster does not crate him currently.

He is still very much a goof ball who is overflowing with personality.  He is a very affectionate happy-go-lucky boy and loves to meet new people and get attention. He is very talkative, and even sings along with music with husky woos! It’s adorable and any husky home will love the addition of his voice. Jones loves other dogs, and his foster has not had issues with introductions in the home. He is very playful and will accept correction of the other dogs if he gets too worked up.

The only behavioral issue that still needs some work is being pulled by his collar. This has happened a lot with our shelter intakes, and we suspect it is due to handling with snares that has become commonplace in our shelter system, often eliciting a traumatic response in the dogs after they leave the shelter. Jones has growled in the past when pulled by his collar to tell his foster he needs space. She has respected this so far and has worked on touching his collar and giving treats and has seen improvement. He may be better to walk on a harness as a result. It has not been a huge issue, but should be something to keep in mind! Because of this though, a home with no small children is best for him.

Although he initially showed some separation anxiety, he now seems to be totally fine so long as there are other dogs in the home. If he is going to be an only dog, we would recommend a home where his human is not gone for very long (or where he can come along!) – otherwise he would be just fine in a home that works typical hours so long as he has other pups for company.

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Quick Facts:

  • High-energy and playful with other dogs
  • Beautiful singing voice!
  • Treat-motivated and a fast learner!
  • Friendly and goofy
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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