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~5/6yr old male Siberian Husky

Benny and Jerry were found in the desert out in Maricopa, lots of cuts and scabs, dehydrated and mellow and scared. (First two photos are when found) They are not littermates – Benny is about 2 and Jerry is 5/6. They both likely had heat stroke and possibly some type of poisoning as they weren’t in great condition at all when we got them! They have both healed up amazingly and are ready for adoption.

When a pair of huskies come in together, we assess their temperament to see if they are bonded and need to stay together – we expected this to be the case with Benny and Jerry, but have found over time they they actually do not seem to be bonded at all, but that they were most likely staying together entirely based on survival. They have actually gotten into several fights with each other in their foster home and have shown growling issues between each other – they don’t have any aggression issues with the other dogs in the house (medium-sized dogs), so it seems to just be some dominance / personality disputes between them!

Jerry is fully potty-trained with the dog door in his foster home and is the more snuggly and cuddly of the two when it comes to human interactions! He’s a total lover with people. He hasn’t had any issues with the medium sized dogs in his foster home, but has jumped at small dogs when walking by on a leash and has shown some concerning behavior in his interactions with very small dogs, so we are going to recommend he be placed in a home with at least medium sized dogs or larger. His foster family has been doing some awesome work on leash training and working towards improving his issues and he has shown great progress!

He has a lot of potential to be an amazing, sweet snuggly boy for the right home!

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If you are interested in “Jerry,” please email us at arizonahuskyrescue@gmail.com, or fill out the adoption application following the link below.

His adoption fee is $250. This helps to cover his medical treatments, vaccinations, neuter + chip.

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