1yo Female Cattledog Mix

As you can tell, Jenny isn’t our typical rescue member! Jenny is a petite cattledog/jack russell terrier mix that came to our rescue after being put on the euthanasia list at the shelter for being shy in the shelter setting. We were monitoring her on the county e-list, hoping for another rescue to be able to pull her, but so many rescues (like us) are struggling for space. We happened to have a foster equipped to socialize her, so we were able to pull her! She’s our honorary husky imposter. As we see with most shy pups once they’re out of the shelter, Jenny slowly became more comfortable as she settled into her foster home the first week.

She is very shy at first and won’t generally come up to you in the home right away, but she does seem to be much more comfortable coming up to strangers when in the backyard, which makes us think she originally lived outdoors only. She does great with the other dogs in her foster home, which are all large dogs. She has also been great with the dog-savvy cat in the home.

Because of her timidness and fondness of other dogs, she needs to go to a home with at least one other pup for her to gain confidence from and follow the lead of. She loves to play with them and has even started to show a mischievous side as she has settled in, like taking socks left out and coasters from the coffee table. She accepts correction and re-direction to toys in the home, which is great. When her fosters leave, they put her in a crate for the day and she does really well with that!

She still needs a bit of work on the leash as she typically just lays down when it’s placed on her, but once she gets walking on it with the other pups in the home on walks, she does much better. Because of the leash training she’s still needing and her preference for meeting strangers in the yard, she’d do best in a home with a yard.

After a week in her foster home, she has just started to come up to her foster parents while they watch TV and enjoys being in the same room as them, but is still a little shy if they approach her to pet her, but once they start petting her, you can tell she loves the attention. Jenny is truly just the sweetest soul that just needs a patient family with other pups to help her adjust and give her all the love she deserves!

Quick Facts:

  • Shy, timid, avoidant of humans at first
  • Improves with people as she gets comfy with time
  • Does well with other dogs and gets excited to see them
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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