5yr old male Siberian Husky

Meet Jameson! Jameson is another intake from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County shelter. He was e-listed not for being aggressive, but for being scared. Like so many of the dogs we pull, he is doing much better now that he has had some time to decompress in a safe and loving foster home.

Despite being about 5 years old, Jameson has a lot of puppy-like tendencies. He is high-energy and very, very active. He is still learning how to play with toys, though his short attention span means that he loses interest fairly quickly. He does, however, enjoy playing with other dogs. He has done well with the other large dogs in his foster home, and he likes running up and down the fence with his neighbors’ smaller dog. We suspect he was not receiving the best care before he ended up in the shelter, so he’s still a bit floppy – he’s learning how to navigate stairs while he gains some muscle in his legs and body. That doesn’t slow him down, though. He enjoys walks and actually does alright on a leash; he does pull a bit, but he’s improving. As much as he loves walks and running around, he has not shown any desire to escape his fenced-in yard.

Jameson has been doing well with training so far, though he will need some ongoing work in his new home. He jumps up on people when excited. He’s a curious boy and likes to steal things off the counter and around the house. He’s not destructive, however, he just likes to relocate his treasures. He did have one instance of biting when there was food around, but his fosters figured out that it was because of the nearby broom, not because his food was being touched. He is still learning to sleep through the night in his crate and will be vocal about it. All that being said, he loves meal time and treats and so should do well with continued positive reinforcement. He generally responds well to verbal correction and the use of a spray bottle when needed.

Though Jameson does have a shy side, he is also very sweet. When he finds his person, he becomes very attached. He has done well around the teenagers in his foster home, and he happily meets strangers. He’s a talkative dude who sings the husky song, especially around people and cars. Jameson would love to find an active family to call his own. A home with one or more other active dogs would be ideal as an outlet for his energy. If you’re looking for a sweet, fun-loving adventure buddy, Jameson is your guy! Fill out an application today to meet this big fluffy boy.

Quick Facts:

  • Shy dog who needs some time to warm up
  • Doing well with other dogs in his foster home!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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