2yo male Siberian Husky

Meet Jackson! Another pull from the e-list at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, we figured out pretty quickly that Jackson’s behavior in the shelter was just due to fear. He was overwhelmed and stressed in that environment, but has made tremendous progress now that he is safe and comfortable in a foster home. He was very timid at first, but now he seeks out attention and initiates play with other dogs.

Though Jackson takes time to trust people, he has become very attached to his foster family. He greets them at the door, rolls over for belly rubs, and sleeps in their bed if given the chance. He loves to go on adventures and jumps in the truck on his own. He also loves going to the park and is very playful with other dogs, though he does like to be in charge. His fosters will supervise him to make sure he doesn’t get too rough, and he does well with minor corrections. He loves playing with toys, as well.

Jackson does have a few behavioral issues that are to be expected with a husky his age. He has a tendency to counter-surf and will growl when other dogs approach his food bowl, though he doesn’t show any aggression. His fosters feed him separately from their other dogs to avoid any problems. Jackson is a smart (and food-motivated) boy who already knows several commands, including sit, paw, down, off, and leave it. He also knows and will respond to the word “no”, but he may grumble to let you know that he’s not happy about it. He will chase and bark at the cat in his foster home but has not shown any signs of prey drive. He loves going for walks and is well-behaved on leash.

We don’t know much about Jackson’s history before he found himself at the shelter, but he does take some time to warm up to new people. He guards his face and back legs and may growl or snap at sudden movements towards him. He’ll also run away if he feels threatened. However, he is incredibly loyal and loving when given time, and he loves to snuggle with people he feels comfortable with. He has done well with teenagers in his foster home and would likely be alright with dog-savvy kids.

With lots of love and patience, Jackson will make an excellent companion for any family. We do think he would do best as the only dog in a quieter home as he learns to trust again. Other dogs may be okay pending a meet-and-greet. He just needs somebody who will be dedicated to his re-acclimation to family life. If you’re ready to show Jackson a taste of the good life, fill out an application today!

Quick Facts:

  • Needs time to warm up, but very loving
  • Playful with other dogs, loves toys
  • Very smart and knows several commands
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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