3yo male Husky / Shepherd mix

Hinata is one of two huskies we received a special plea to pull from MCACC. He was elisted because humans have failed him. He never had proper containment, escaped often, destroyed property in his neighborhoods, and had reports of prey drive with livestock from neighbors. His owners repeatedly failed to provide proper fencing, or simply keep him indoors as a member of the family. He was bored and neglected. No one taught him anything, no one treated him like family, and no one took care of his basic needs.

In the shelter, he seemed very overwhelmed by all the noises and activity in that environment. He was a little more reserved meeting our volunteers initially, but still accepted pets all over his head and body with no issues at all. He seems just fine with people, but wanted to find a way to escape! If all of his needs were met – likely high exercise needs, as well as mental stimulation/play and attention – it is again very likely he would be an amazing dog in a home. He will likely always need secure fencing as a precaution.

In his foster home just out of the shelter, the male husky is not too thrilled with his presence, but Hinata has been incredibly patient and tolerant, and has had no issues at all with the other dog grumbling and huffing at him. Hinata overall actually seems to be very good with other dogs! He loves walks and has been very well-behaved when someone is home with him. He does seem to suffer quite a bit from separation anxiety, however, and will likely need to be crated when no one is home to avoid destruction from his anxiety. He would do best in a home with someone who is there all the time.

He cannot be left outdoors unattended. We know from his history that he is an escape artist – his foster so far has not seen him be able to escape their outdoor 6ft block fencing, but he has climbed on top of some things in an effort to scope it out (right in front of them; they have not left him outside alone). Everything is new still, so we will update his bio as we learn more.

He is a gorgeous boy and we are hopeful that as he decompresses, he realizes that he will not be shut outside and ignored, but treated as a family member. We also hope he learns that his basic needs will be met, and that he does not need to try to escape to fulfill them on his own! Please fill out an application if you are interested in Hinata!

Quick Facts:

  • Great with other medium to large dogs
  • High energy and does great on walks
  • Has some separation anxiety and really wants companionship
  • Escape-risk if left outdoors unattended
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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