1yo male husky mix

Meet Hampton! This floppy-eared boy is another recent intake from the euthanasia list at the Maricopa County shelter. He was e-listed after being deemed “unadoptable” by shelter staff, when he was really just scared and overwhelmed in the shelter. His notes had actually been positive (shy but manageable) until one day, when he didn’t walk well on leash. The slip lead he was wearing got too tight. In the loud shelter with a leash choking him, he panicked and bit at the leash; that’s the only issue that landed him on the kill list. When our volunteers went to evaluate him, though, we didn’t see any cause for concern. When the slip lead was used gently, he walked very well on the leash and showed no signs of aggression whatsoever. In the quieter play yard outside the shelter, he did zoomies and accepted some attention. Even the shelter staff member agreed that he should be re-evaluated. The reevaluation couldn’t be done before his deadline, so we knew we had to pull this guy and give him a second chance at life. We can’t wait to see what a great future he has!

As is the case with so many dogs we take in, Hampton became a completely different dog once he was out of the shelter. The first night in his foster home, he did more zoomies and even started playing with toys. His fosters report that he is a medium-high energy, very playful dog. Outside of one small scuffle over a bowl of food, he has done well with the other dogs in the home, both large and small, as well as other large playful dogs. He loves to run around the yard but also really enjoys walks. Like we observed in our evaluation, he walks nicely on leash without pulling when the leash is used gently, and he is not reactive towards other dogs.

Hampton has some minor behavioral issues that are to be expected in a young husky, but he’s making lots of progress. After a brief period of marking in the home, he has learned how to use the doggy door. He will counter-surf on occasion, but loses interest quickly when he doesn’t find anything. He will need to have access to toys because he does like to chew on things when left unsupervised (when his fosters are out of the house or asleep). He is not comfortable in a crate and has managed to escape one before, but we are confident this could improve with lots of patience and positive reinforcement. He loves meals and treats and takes food nicely. He does respond well to “no” when necessary.

All in all, Hampton is a sweet young boy who just needs a little training. He would fit well into any active household or family. He has done well around the older children in his foster home. We recommend being careful around especially young kids just due to him being so bouncy and full of energy, but we do not believe he would do anything to hurt anyone. He’s very affectionate and loves snuggles and belly rubs. A home with another playful dog would be ideal, but he could do well as an only dog with enough physical and mental stimulation. This dog truly did not deserve to be killed, and we are so excited to be giving him a second chance! If you’re interested in making Hampton a part of your family, please fill out an adoption application.

Quick Facts:

  • Shy and shut down in the shelter
  • Happy, puppylike boy who did zoomies once he got out
  • Working on crate-training and house manners, making progress
  • No aggression, loves people and other dogs!
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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