1yo female Shepherd/Husky Mix

Meet Abbey! Abbey (formerly Gracie) was rescued back in August from the kill list at the Maricopa County West shelter. Like many dogs we’ve taken from there recently, Abbey did not show any concerning behaviors; she was just scared and shut down. We think she would have walked on a leash in the shelter, but unfortunately the staff we worked with that day didn’t really give her a chance to try. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that all Abbey needed was a little patience. She has already been thriving in her foster home and offering her mom kisses!

Abbey has had a slow but steady adjustment to life in her foster home. She is truly an easy dog and doesn’t have any of the behavioral issues we often see in huskies. Like we saw in the shelter, she’s just timid. She can be protective of her trusted people, but not in an aggressive way. She responds well to correction when needed. Her fosters have not tried keeping her in a crate but have not had any problems with allowing her to roam. She even walks well on leash. She’s relatively low-energy for a husky mix, doing well with just a single walk most days.

To top it off, Abbey does well with other pets of all sizes! Her foster home includes both small and large dogs as well as cats. She is timid with medium to large dogs, but is comfortable and easy-going around smaller dogs and cats. She also enjoys going to the local dog park and playing with dogs of all sizes. We believe she would do well with children, as well. She’s a sweet, snuggly girl who loves belly rubs and cuddling. She particularly enjoys lazy days and being near her people.

Abbey is about as easy as it gets with huskies – she’s mellow and relaxed, well-behaved, and good with all dogs and cats. She is truly a sweetheart. Due to her timid nature, we think Abbey is best suited for a calmer, quieter home. She would do well with other mellow dogs or as an only pup. She can be anxious around new people and things, especially loud noises, car rides, and large groups of people. However, with some love and patience, she is learning to trust her people and becoming more and more affectionate. Fill out an application today to meet this gorgeous and loving girl!

Quick Facts:

  • Shy girl
  • Very sweet in a home, gives kisses
  • Does well with other dogs and cats!
  • Mellow and relaxed
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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