Male, 2yr old Pomsky, ~25lbs adult weight

Gonzo is an energetic, sweet boy who wants everyone to love him. He gets up and follows his people wherever they go and always wants to know where you are.

Don’t let his small size fool you. This guy has energy!

His favorite game with his foster siblings is chase, he wrestles and steals toys back and forth with his same size and smaller friends, goes on a walk and still does zoomies in the backyard. He is a typical husky puppy in that he doesn’t necessarily want the toy but wants to steal it and have the dogs he is comfortable with chase him. He needs things to chew on and loves his toys and bully sticks. He enjoys playing fetch and will bring the ball back to you. He recently learnt to walk on a leash and enjoys jogging. He also enjoys eating oranges and carrots.

After playing he enjoys laying around sleeping on the couch and cold tile.

This guy has been neglected and sheltered so the whole world is new to him. He is timid but very curious about all new experiences. He rides well in the car. He learnt to sit and lay down easily, and needs to go to Petco training classes to learn all the other doggy skill. He listens well and wants to please when directed. Without adequate exercise he can be mouthy with hands, exercise and activity solves the behavior. He loves giving kisses, cuddling and laying down near his person. If you have an existing jealous dog it may not be a good fit 🙂 He just started walking on a leash and loves to go on walks, he does well with treats or his friends for reassurance when he sees things that are new. He freezes and retreats with leash pressure but responds happily to treats.

He had some separation anxiety but with access to the house and dog door he has done good. He enjoys bully sticks if he has to be left in his kennel. If his kennel door is left open he will take toys and chews into his own safe area. As long as he has free access to the outdoors he is potty training.  He is very treat motivated and does great with all his foster siblings and treats, happily sitting with them all waiting his turn. He has done great with dogs his same size and smaller, and calm bigger dogs that read his timid body language. He can be scared and reactive of more playful bigger dogs. He plays rough with his smaller friends who play just as rough, they are husky puppies, though one was only 5 lbs. When meal time comes he needs to be fed in an area where other dogs will not disturb him, in the past he missed meals and had to protect his food from other dogs. This only applies to eating at meal time. He happily eats in his kennel but would not like to be enclosed in a room for meal time.

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