2yr old male Siberian Husky

Meet Ghost! Ghost was found as a stray with a female husky (Xena), although the pair does not appear to be bonded. After a brief adjustment period, he settled into his foster home beautifully. He seems to be so thankful for having been rescued off the streets and from what we believe may have been a bad home situation. He’s a sweet and easy-going boy with a lot going for him.

Although Ghost initially showed a lot of interest in his fosters’ small terrier mix, we believe this stems from lack of prior exposure to small dogs. With some supervised training, he learned how to behave around a smaller dog, and now they get along wonderfully. He also adjusted easily to the other huskies in the home, playing well with them and sharing food and toys. Ghost is equally happy spending his day playing or relaxing. He is able to entertain himself running around his fosters’ backyard or playing games that require some physical effort, like tug or fetch. He also likes to play with other dogs, but he is very good at reading their preferences and is not pushy with dogs who are not interested. He can even “multitask” with several dogs with different styles of play.

Despite his background, Ghost has not shown many behavioral issues. He did show some destructive behavior early on, but only if not provided with other forms of stimulation or if he was left alone for longer periods of time. This was likely due to fear of being abandoned and has since improved tremendously. He does also jump on people out of excitement, though that has also subsided with training. He responds well to verbal correction and re-direction with food. He enjoys learning new commands and engaging with his handler, and he takes instructions well, not something that can be said for many huskies! He does well in a crate and is learning how to walk nicely on leash, though like a typical husky, he does have a tendency to pull.

Ghost is an affectionate boy who loves belly rubs and cuddling. He has done well with both small and large dogs in his foster home as well as large dogs in other homes. He has not been around children, but nothing in his behavior suggests that it would be an issue. He is a loving, endearing, intelligent, curious, and adaptable boy who doesn’t require much, and he would make a great addition to any family. Fill out an application today if you’re interested in Ghost!

Quick Facts:

  • Great with other dogs large and small
  • Ok with kids though supervision always recommended
  • Sweet, loving boy
  • Adoption Fee: $300

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