3yr old male Husky/Malamute mix
Bonded pair, must be adopted with his sister Lucii

Freki and his sister Lucii both come to us from some unfortunate circumstances – their owner fell on some hard times and lost his home, and tried for months to find placement for the pair together. We agreed to help after all other avenues had been exhausted – the pair are currently in a boarding facility, but would just LOVE to have a foster home to stay in while they wait for their forever home!

They are both very adventurous, playful and outgoing and keep keep each other entertained for hours – they do play more on the rough side, so it may be a little more intimidating for those not familiar with crazy husky play, but it is definitely always play between these littermates.

Of the two of them, Freki is very food-motivated and is always looking for snacks (or ways to steal his sister’s food). He is a goofy boy who can also be gentle when he calms down. He has been around children as young as 3 and has done well. We ALWAYS recommend supervision and caution when it comes to large dogs and young children, and will require an experienced owner to place in a home with young children. 

They are both huskies of course, so training can be a bit tough with this stubborn breed, but once they bond to a human and get the attention they need, they do follow commands. According to their previous owner, they know off, down (flat hand if they jump, point to the ground to lay down), sit, wait (closed fist, not stay) “be polite” if they are being nosy, “be nice” if they are playing too rough.

Freki is the more independent of the pair, though if Lucii is getting all the attention, he will still jump in to try to steal the show. He has been known to steal and chew up socks, but really that’s the extent of destruction reported. Both are crate trained in separate crates, as well as do well in the car and with potty-training. As with most huskies this age, they do pull on a leash.

Both are amazing loving dogs, but they do need to stay together. Freki gets bad separation anxiety when Lucii is away.

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Quick Facts:

  • Good with kids
  • Good with larger dogs
  • Cats unknown
  • High-energy
  • Bonded to his sister

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